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Performance test station Cunkov s.r.o.

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OPB Cunkov s.r.o.
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OPB Cunkov s.r.o.

OPB Cunkov can offer you:

breeding, testing, and demonstration of a bull in a basic selection and in an auction
transport of animals
feeding mix for calves (download pamphlet)
Veterinary requirements needed for you to place your young bulls to OPB Cunkov (download pamphlet)

Options of contracts for the testing of breeding bulls in the OPB Cunkov:

Contract for rearing CZK 115,- per day (download)
50 / 50 Partnership contract for rearing (download)



Performance test station (OPB Cunkov)

Rearing of beef breeding bulls

Pavel Kozak, Ing. purchased and reconstructed the stable K-96 in village Cunkov near Jistebnice in the district of Tabor and established the company Bull farm (OPB) Cunkov Ltd. in 2000.

Until then the cattle farmers in South Bohemia haven’t had available any farm of breeding bulls.

OPB Cunkov became a specialized farm for beef breeding bulls, approved to monitoring performance, performance tests and evaluation of beef breed bulls, on the basis of the decision of the Czech beef breeders Association and subsequent approval by the Ministry of Agriculture,. OPB Cunkov is the only specialized Rearing station of beef breeding bulls of its kind in South Bohemia.

Pavel Kozak, Ing., is widely using ET ( embryo transfer) to expand the herd on his beef farm at Ostry by Jistebnice.

Young bulls thus obtained and suitable for breeding and testing are transferred to the rearing stable where after a successful rearing and a basic selection they become sires, which are used then for natural mating as well as for artificial insemination.

At OPB Cunkov are organized the basic selections of bulls for breeding as well as auctions of beef breeding bulls held up to four times a year (each term is 120days).

OPB Cunkov s.r.o.
OPB Cunkov s.r.o.

OPB Cunkov – IV. term 2022
(bulls born from 1.7. – 30.9.2021)

Aberdeen Angus - 7 animals
Aubrac - 2 animals
Galloway - 1 animal
Charolais - 5 animals
Limousine - 1 animal
Masný Simentál - 11 animals

Auction on October 18, 2022

OPB Cunkov s.r.o.
OPB Cunkov s.r.o.

OPB Cunkov – I. term 2023
(1.10. – 31.12.2021)

Aberdeen Angus - 33 animals
Aubrac - 5 animals
Blonde d´Aquitaine – 2 animals
Charolais - 18 animals
Limousine - 34 animals
Beef Simental - 9 animals
Parthenaise - 2 animals
Salers – 1 animal
Wagyu – 1 animal

Auction on February, 2023