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Performance test station Cunkov s.r.o.

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OPB Cunkov s.r.o.
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OPB Cunkov s.r.o.
OPB Cunkov s.r.o.

OPB Cunkov – IV. term 2022
(bulls born from 1.7. – 30.9.2021)

Aberdeen Angus - 7 animals
Aubrac - 2 animals
Galloway - 1 animal
Charolais - 5 animals
Limousine - 1 animal
Masný Simentál - 11 animals

Auction on October 18, 2022



Insemination doses from Ireland!

Insemination doses from Ireland!

Aberdeen Angus - more infohere

Charolais - more infohere

Hereford - more infohere

Limousine - more infohere

Beef Simental - more infohere

Parthenaise - more infohere

Salers - more infohere



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OPB Cunkov s.r.o.


(Bison Bison) insemination doses

After crossing the buffalo and cattle arises Cattalo, normaly breeding in northern USA and Canada

Bison FRENKY – semen analysis here + bull photo

OPB Cunkov s.r.o.


Aberdeen Angus (download)
Belgian Blue (download)
Blonde d´Aquitaine (download)
Hereford (download)
Charolais (download)
Limousine (download)
Beef Simental (download)
Piemontese (download)
Salers (download)
Parthenaise (download)

OPB Cunkov s.r.o.
OPB Cunkov

Offer of insemination doses

Salers - NEW

ZSA 154 – Tintin (pamphlet to download)

ZSA 164 – Valdemar Jůna (pamphlet to download)


ZLI 538 Bonus P (pamphlet to download)
ZLI 686 Poker (pamphlet to download)
ZLI 834 Vertige (pamphlet to download)
pedigree to download
ZLI 923 Diamant P (pamphlet to download)


ZCH 818 Maximus (pamphlet to download)

Belgian blue

ZBM 277 Offusque (pamphlet to download)

Beef Simental

ZSI 793 – Trap Vodňanský PP (pamphlet to download)

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